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always thinkin’ of u

A Bonus Track for ‘1993’
Please go forth and download at my Bandcamp. Free of course.

Finale to 1993. It’s been real, I appreciate every like, comment, and listen. To be able to make music I love and for ya’ll to get down with is beautiful.
This EP/Album (collection of music) will be available on my BandCamp in the Days to come. Download it FREE :~)

Another sound off on the album 1993.
I appreciate your time and ears.

I’ve decided that I’ll be putting 1993 up for free on Bandcamp. I’ll let you all know as more songs unfold where you can find it. ~Neb

If no one has ever told you that before, you are quite the beauty.
Another sound from a upcoming album entitled: 1993

Album: 1993

Koto inspiration, digged deep for samples.

City of Life & Death
Izumi-Kai - Rokudan